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Lorraine Freelance Personal Assistant

Welcome to Lorraine Freelance PA Ltd. Lorraine and her team are experienced UK Virtual Assistants, based in Bristol and supporting clients throughout the UK.

We provide UK Business Owners, CEOS and the Neurodiverse Community with PA/Admin and Marketing Support so they can focus on the important stuff!







In today's fast-paced, click-this, click-that world, life can sometimes feel impersonal. 

But not when you work with us.

We understand that personal touch matters, and we aim to start making your life easier from the moment we connect. 

​Those tasks that need delegating? We're already on top of them. 

Whether you want to grow your business or just need help with your company's day-to-day running, we can help.

We think fast and get straight to it. We're efficient with great attention to detail. 

We provide some of the most exciting and influential small businesses with a dedicated and experienced extra pair of hands, leaving them to do what they do best. ​ 

With our proven track record of success, we're passionate about delivering first-class service.

We would love to help you too. No stress,  just the support you need and when you need it.

"I wasted 3 days trying to work out how to do something. Frustrated, tired and still no further ahead. I gave it to you and it took you an hour"
Alex Redman - Business Owner

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How A Virtual Assistant Can Help You. 

Excessive phone use, commitment overload, multiple-page to-do lists, and the pursuit of perfection, are all too consuming.

You're at your limits. You're doing EVERYTHING on your own. 

Running your own business can be a lonely experience, constantly juggling a million different tasks, and trying to balance your work with your personal life.

We truly believe any business can benefit from having a Virtual Assistant.

We have a passion for people doing great things and generally work with Founders, CEOS, Executives and the Neurodiverse Community.

So if you're ready to reduce overwhelm, workload and Increase income, find new business without the commitment of permanent staff and gain more time then look no further. 

Please get in touch to find out how we can help you!

"Lorraine has assisted me with various projects. She completes tasks in record time, with ease and grace and has the ability to know exactly what I need to do and the most efficient way to do it! Do not hesitate to hire Lorraine. She will transform your life"
Gozie Ezulike - Founder & Director Xist4 Sourcing Talent

If you’re unsure whether a Freelance PA or Virtual Assistant could be of help or if you have any burning questions then please get in touch to arrange a free discovery call.

Thanks for submitting!

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