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Empower Business hour

How GREAT would it feel to concentrate on YOU, and regain that spark and enthusiasm for your business?


Whether you're a Start-up, a Neurodivergent business owner looking for a new approach to business development and marketing or your organisation could do with a fresh pair of eyes, we can help you clear your mind, reduce overwhelm and refocus. 


This is your chance to pick my brain.  


In our Empower Business Hour, we delve into your business, your aspirations, where you want to go, and what’s stopping you. I'll provide you with ideas and suggestions for what you can do next and where you should focus your energy to get the quickest and most impactful results.

What's included in an

Empower Business Hour?

  • Before the session, I’ll send you a short questionnaire to help us prepare for the call. 

  • After the session, you will be sent a summary of the ideas we came up with, along with links to any resources and tools we discussed. 

If you're ready to concentrate on YOU and regain that spark and enthusiasm for your business, we'd love to talk to you!


Book your call


Just £95 plus VAT

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