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"Lorraine worked as my PA for a number of years, providing excellent  support to me and my team throughout. I would highly recommend her as your Virtual PA!" 

Rich Oldfield

CEO National Composite Centre

"Lorraine takes a highly proactive and professional approach towards organisation and business support responsibilities at all levels.  Confident, extremely personable and with a wealth of experience. It was an absolute pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with Lorraine"

Nolan Richmond

Managing Director Rank Engineering

"Having worked with Lorraine over the course of several years I've always been impressed with her open and communicative style and the ability to deliver on time. Doing things once and right, is a hard attribute to find and I would welcome the opportunity to work with her again in the future"

Nicholas Pearson 


Bristol Technology Engineering Academy

"Lorraine is a fantastic Freelance PA who has helped me out many a time to get through my administrative nightmares at work! She is highly organised, focused, diligent in her work and meets all of my deadlines on time. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!"

Esther Asanga

Founder and Director

Hagleys Group

"Lorraine is a pleasure and joy to work with. Highly competent and working with her I get great peace of mind that Lorraine will get the job done on time and to budget, with exceptional results. No need to think twice, Lorraine and her team will get your work done for you"

Ollie Collard

Founder and Director Enterprise Orchard