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How to maximize ADHD Hyperfocus!

How to maximise ADHD Hyperfocus!
How to maximize ADHD Hyperfocus!

On the back of a recent social media post about ADHD Hyperfocus, I received several comments about how this trait can be beneficially maximized.

So I decided to delve a little deeper and explore how  ADHD Hyperfocus can be used to a person's advantage.

At times ADHD can make it so flipping hard for you to ignore distractions and stay on track   


the flip side is that it can make you concentrate so intensely, you block out everything else.  

This my friend is called hyperfocus.


You don't notice the hours fly by while you plug away at projects you LOVE.  

Some call it getting into “the flow.”  


the problem is when you get sooooooooo engrossed in a task, that tunnel vision can get in the way of everything else in your business, so...  

I know YOU can’t just switch your trait on and off, you shouldn't have to.  

Some people even call hyperfocus the “superpower” of ADHD - when you’re so absorbed in a task, amazing results can be achieved but as with anything balance is critical.  


As an ADHD business owner being aware of what sets off your hyperfocus, and knowing what causes you to zero in on certain things and tune out on other stuff, so you don't fritter away a whole day, can help you take steps to manage it.  

Perhaps you zone out on tasks such as: 

And zone in on... 


When you go into ADHD Hyperfocus mode it is easy to lose track of time.  

To avoid ADHD Hyperfocus overwhelm, steer clear of your triggers such as before bedtime, important meetings or appointments.  

If you're trying to concentrate on a task tackle it when you tend to have the most energy. If you’re an early bird, work on that project first thing in the morning when your brain is most focused.  

If you find yourself in hyperfocus, ask yourself: Is what I’m doing useful? If you answer no, it’s time to move on.  Go for a walk, get out in nature. This can help you snap out of the spell of hyperfocus.  


Before you start a project, decide how long you want to spend on it. Then set an alarm as a reminder to stop. If you find yourself veering off track, having an accountability partner such as a Virtual Assistant can check in on you and help you manage your time better. 


You can’t always control what ends up absorbing you. You might lose yourself in designing a presentation instead of writing it up. Or spend hours digging into a side topic. To stay on track, write a list of priorities and learn to outsource. 

Having ADHD can make it tough to juggle tasks, or it can make you do them in fits and starts. 

It's also hard to hyperfocus on something you dislike.  

That's why a Virtual Assistant can take care of all those must-do tasks your ADHD brain loves to hate, ensuring...  

  • No more last-minute panic

  • You'll never miss a deadline again

  • All emails are promptly responded to 


A Virtual Assistant can also help YOU...

  • Find new mental space and energy to create and innovate.⁠

  • Scale your business without the added risk of hiring a full-time employee. ⁠

  • Keep you accountable if ADHD Hyperfocus makes you lose track of time and start falling into a black hole. 

  • ⁠Take some much-needed downtime because you have the peace of mind that your trusted VA is looking after your business and taking care of the tasks you don’t need (or want) to do yourself. ⁠ 

I could go on for pages about how a Virtual Assistant can help YOU. Don’t dare me, I will! ⁠ 

Avoid the black hole, my friend, drop me a message

Hi, I'm Lorraine, a Virtual PA with 20+ years of PA/EA experience. 

I provide Business Owners, CEOS and the Neurodiverse Community with PA/Admin & Marketing Support so they can focus on the important stuff! 

 I aim to start making your life easier from the moment we connect. 


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